Pixel is a fun little game created by Hero Interactive, and released on July 24, 2009. Currently, it is one of the higher-rated games by the HI community, and a sequel is well expected. In fact, a sequel is well underway by an associate and past intern of Hero Interactive, Jimmy. No word yet as to the release date of Pixel 2.


Pixel centers on a small alien-esque ship that wields a powerful weapon: the power of pixels. You, the ship, use this weapon to scatters pixels and blow up enemy ships. The explosions from enemy ships cause a burst of pixels, which may or may not generate a massive chain reaction if multiple enemies are present.

Since you run on a limited supply of pixel ammunition, you must collect the pixels from fallen enemies to restore your pixel count. Every so often, you shall face a boss, and defeating these bosses is the objective of the game.

There are also some fun modes in the options menu that you may try, which includes changing pixel size, background color, and more. Overall, your goal is to unlock all the ships (which can be done in the first run, actually)


You control your ship with the WASD keys, and use the mouse button to fire pixels.


  • A bubble tank makes a cameo appearance in the ship selection screen. Although you can play as this basic tank, it doesn't fire any bubbles. Instead, it fires pixels normally, as other ships do.

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