Bubble Tanks Tower Defense 2 (abbreviated as BTTD 2) is a tower defence game released by Hero Interactive, LLC. Just like how Bubble Tanks Tower Defence 1.5 wasn't a great twist to the original, BTTD2 isn't too much of a twist to BTTD 1.5.

Major Changes Edit

  • More "bubbly" interface
  • XP system
    • Unlockable single-use items
    • Permanent upgrades
    • Lots of new modes
      • FML and Dark Modes are included here, and can't be applied together.
      • Endless Mode
  • Early wave calls reward bubbles(money)
  • A few new towers

Towers Edit

L0 L1 L2 L3 L4


Normal 1 Normal 2 Normal 3 Sniper
Machine Gun 1 Machine Gun 2 Machine Gun 3
Splash Tower 1 Splash Tower 2 Splash Tower 3
Beam Tower 1 Beam Tower 2 Beam Tower 3
Poison Tower 1 Poison Tower 2 Poison Tower 3
Anti-Ghost 1 Anti-Ghost 2 Anti-Ghost 3 Anti-Ghost 4
Anti-Ghost Splash 1 Anti-Ghost Splash 2 Anti-Ghost Splash 3
Anti-Ghost Burst 1 Anti-Ghost Burst 2 Anti-Ghost Burst 3
Area Burst 1 Area Burst 2 Area Burst 3 Area Burst 4
Slow Burst 1 Slow Burst 2 Slow Burst 3
Weaken 1 Weaken 2 Weaken 3
Lightning Tower 1 Lightning Tower 2 Lightning Tower 3
Damage Boost 1 Damage Boost 2 Damage Boost 3 Damage Boost 4
Range Boost 1 Range Boost 2 Range Boost 3
Fire Rate Boost 1 Fire Rate Boost 2 Fire Rate Boost 3
Charge Tower 1 Charge Tower 2 Charge Tower 3 Charge Tower 4
Stun Charge 1 Stun Charge 2 Stun Charge 3
  • Basic: Base Tower for all others
    • Normal: Basic Tower with increased damage
      • Normal
        • Sniper: Huge extra range increase
      • Machine Gun: Weaker but faster shooting Normal Tower
      • Splash: Slower-firing Normal Tower but with splash damage on projectile
      • Beam: Weak continuous damage(every frame) which increases longer it holds onto the target. Damage boost is reset when changing target/stopping shooting
      • Poison: Slightly slower-firing and much weaker damage Normal Tower that applies non-stacking damage over time. Once max upgraded, poison effect is spread to a nearby enemy once its victim dies
    • Anti-Ghost: Basic Tower with huge damage increase that only shoots ghosts
      • Anti-Ghost
      • Anti-Ghost Splash: Splash version of Anti-Ghost. Highest damage per shot across all towers of same level.
      • Anti-Ghost Burst: Burst version of Anti-Ghost
    • Area Burst: Basic Tower with shorter range, but hits all enemies within range
      • Area Burst
      • Slow Burst: Slows enemies hit instead of damaging them
      • Weaken: Increases the damage enemies take instead of damaging them
      • Lightning: Attack chains to nearby enemies. Jump length depends on tower's range
    • Damage Boost: Increases damage of adjacent(including the corner) towers
      • Damage Boost
      • Range Boost: Increases range of adjacent towers
      • Fire Rate Boost: Increases fire rate of adjacent towers
    • Charge: Basically a Basic tower that charges its sub-weapon each shot. The sub-weapon is higher damage shot.
      • Charge
      • Stun Charge: The sub-weapon is Area Burst that stuns enemies.

Enemies Edit

  • Normal: Just a regular enemy - average health, average speed, and no special abilities.
  • Fast: Moves really fast.
  • Accelerator: Moves faster the more you damage it.
  • Slow: Moves slowly, but has high health.
  • Spitter: Splits into several smaller enemies when killed.
  • Cursed: Has low health, but turns into a Ghost once killed.
  • EMP: When killed, releases a burst of energy that briefly stuns any nearby towers.
  • Regenerative: Regenerates health over time.
  • Decoy: Similar to the Spawner from the first game, but the bubbles it drops are harmless and only meant to draw fire away from it.
  • Ghost: Is able to fly over towers and walls.
  • Heavy Ghost: Moves more slowly than a normal Ghost, but has higher health.
  • Dodge: Is able to dodge some of your towers' shots.
  • Boss variants of all enemy types.