Bubble Tanks 3

Bubble Tanks 3

Bubble Tanks 3 is an action-shooter Flash game, the sequel to Bubble Tanks 2, and the threequel to Bubble Tanks. It is the immediate successor, in release date, to Bubble Tanks TD 1.5. It has mixed reviews, with some saying that it is worse than BT2, and some saying it is better. Generally, it is regarded as a significant improvement from its predecessor. BT3 was released in December 2010, and included the sale of the first Parts Pack. Parts Packs are essentially a bonus package of weapons and features that you can buy for $5 each (Hero Interactive holds special deals every once in a while). However, since Parts Pack 2, all Parts Packs (and, consequentially, BT3 updates) have been discontinued due to lack of proper revenue to fund these updates and parts packs development.

As of August 1, 2017, Bubble Tanks 3 is no longer playable; however, a downloadable mirror can be found here.


As with all other Bubble Tanks games, there is no true plot. But one can surmise that the obvious point of the game is to grow and use your enemies' bubbles to fuel your growth. It is an improvement from BT2, in that it now allows you to customize your tank as you progress along the evolutionary line. (although there are no longer the whole "Fighter", "Heavy", etc. classifications) Your main objective is to grow to the max, and fight the boss to win the game.


  • WASD - Move. (can be changed)
  • Mouse - Fire Primary Weapon.
  • Spacebar - Fire Secondary Weapon. (can be changed)
  • P - Pause.


Behavior Parts are in bold.

  • Storm Fury : 2 3-Parallels, 1 Poison Trail, 1 Mine Trail Cannon, 1 Shock Cannon
  • Biomass: 5 Seeker Carriers, 1 Spin-Fire
  • Ajax: 1 Basic Cannon, 2 Seekers, 2 3-Spreads, 1 Rotating Machine Gun, Skittish
  • Hit Me: 1 Seeker Carrier, Aggressor
  • InkyAggro: 1 Ink Gun, 2 Aggressors

Force Fighter: 1 Basic Cannon, Hardening

Bubble Star: no weapons

Swift Head: no weapons

Spearhead: 1 Basic Cannon

Wasp: 1 Basic Cannon, Seeker Mine Pod

Strike Craft: 3-Spread, Phasing

Miniscule: no weapons

Speedy: no weapons

Assault Fighter: 1 Basic Cannon

Triforce: no weapons

Zippy Pants: no weapons

Scooba: 2 Basic Cannons

Slug: 2 Basic Cannons

Tank Control: 3-Parallel, Aggressor

Forgotten: Mine Dropper, Machine Gun

Broadsword: 3-Spread

Deadly Flowers: 2 Seeker Mine Pods

Pillbug: no weapons

Guise: 1 Flak Cannon, 1 After-death Exploder

Harbinger: 5-Parallel, Phasing

Basic Cannon, Seeker Mine Dropper, Wall Flower

The Azure Dragon: 1 360 Spread, 2 Sapper Drones

Azure Dragon: Orbital Seekers, 1 Spinfire, Aggressor

The Enforcer: 3-Parallel, Spawner

Soul Harvester: Sapper Drone, Heavy Cannon

Rage: 1 Flak Cannon

Marauder: 2 Basic Cannons, 1 Spawner, 1 Sapper Drone, 2 Machine Guns

Loki: 2 Seekers, 1 Rotating Machine Gun, Phasing

Quil-Bug: 6 Spikes

Blade Runner: 1 Spike, Aggressor

Spectre: 1 Basic Cannon, 1 Seeker Carrier, Aggressor

Silent Killer: 3-Parallel, Phasing

Plan B: 1 3-Spread, 2 Seeker Carriers

Tester: no weapons

Healer: Healer

Widower: 1 Sticky Gun, 1 Seeker Mine Dropper, Wall Flower

Moebus: no weapons

Sticky Again: 1 Sticky Gun

Flittering Terror: 1 Basic Cannon, Skittish

Impaled: 1 Spike, Aggressor

Stun and Kill: 3-Parallel, Jamming Gun

Returned: 1 Heavy Cannon

Incoming: 1 Sticky Gun, 1 Rocket Launcher, Aggressor

Cruiser: 1 5-Spread, Rocket Launcher

Fully Loaded: 2 Heavy Cannons, 1 Ink Gun

Horned Tank: 4 Spikes, Wall Flower

Tadpole: no weapons

Fast Food: 1 Chomper, Flocking

Mini Shock: 1 Shock Node, Aggressor

Bubble Hawk: 1 Basic Cannon, 1 Deadhead Spawner, Aggressor

Medic Tank: Healer

Sour Speeder: Poison Trail

Warp Fighter: Basic Cannon, Warp

Dead Head Assassin: 1 After-death Exploder

The Yawn: Deadhead Spawner

Tester Tiny: no weapons

Biohazard: 1 Jam-Gas Launcher

Death Trap: 1 Super Shock Node

Subversion: 1 Jam-Gas Launcher, Warp

Peacock: 1 Machine Gun, 2 Deadhead Spawners

Enmity: Orbital Seekers, 1 Flak Cannon, Aggressor

Solid Miner: 1 Bubble Miner, Hardening

Simply Foul: Poison Trail

Charon: 1 3-Spread, 2 360 Spreads, 1 Seeker Mine Dropper, Hardening

Payload: 1 Basic Cannon, Seeker Mine Pod

Hide and Seek: 1 Seekers, Skittish

Icarus: 1 Machine Gun

Squirt: no weapons

Blind Wrath: 1 Ink Gun

Whispy: no weapons

Decoy Tank: 1 Seeker Mine Pod

Deadhead: no weapons

Swift: no weapons

Talon: 1 3-Spread, Orbital Seekers

Repulsor: 1 Ripple Generator, Aggressor

Floaty: no weapons

Disgusted: 1 Basic Cannon, 1 Ripple Generator

Carrier Fighter; 1 Seeker Carrier

Pew Pew: 1 Basic Cannon

Double Barrel: 2 Basic Cannons

Rocketz, 1 Rocket Launcher

Double Blaster: 2 Basic Cannons

Circle and Shoot: 1 Basic Cannon, Wall Flower

Rockets: 1 Rocket Launcher

Gnat: 1 Basic Cannon



  • This game has been downrated because of the large glitches that the developers have been accused of not fixing. However, these bugs didn't prevent BT3 from gaining much approval.
  • In the BT3 teaser video, there is a small tank equipped with a Bubble Thrower and an Ally Bay of some sort, releasing an unknown type of ally. This is now impossible, since allies can only be fitted onto Class 4 tanks or higher.
  • The description of the Bubble Thrower cuts off at the end, probably because of a character limit in the description.

Above: A custom tank (close to levelup) with 2 Beam Cannons blasts a target.

Right: A video of BT3 gameplay thumb|316px|right|Bubble Tanks 3 Gameplay